GK Chesterton and those who don’t know what the Church is and yet speak

I received a strange comment a few days ago. It was of a man who was desperately angry at his own obsolescence as well as the existence of Absolute Truth and wanted to take it out on me.


St Thomas More and the coward laity

Far too many "trads" are like judas: feeble, cowardly, and eager the put the government over God when they feel the devil has taken control. They feel the devil has taken over and they wish to offer up the Church and God alike as a meal to the tiger in the hopes that it eats judas last. As both Job and St Thomas More know, that is nonsense.

G.K. Chesterton and A Letter of Formality

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to contact customer service of a company I have (most likely mistakenly) bought the products of. After being given in return a form letter and an offer to go screw myself, I was also opted in to the opportunity to give a survey on my experience. Whoops.