If you find this blog at this time, it is very likely you once knew me from my time on twitter.  That time has come to a close.  It would then be only fitting that my first post here bet the letter I wrote to the twitter staff in my “appeal” form.  My chances of going back to that fascist place is about as likely as it would be for them to reinstate my account.  Therefore this message is a goodbye letter signed to those who have censored and shadowbanned me for four years.


It goes something like this:

“I know your organization have been desperate to ban me for years now, but the reason you have chosen is little more than a censorship abuse by yourselves to cover up the hateful conduct of others.

The two tweets in question are:
“considering the scandal was sodomites grooming/dating young men, I doubt you were old enough or enough of a sodomite for that. also the very likely result of the priest being framed in an attempt to attack the Church. something both of you relish in your scapegoating attempts.”
“I have yet to see one of your brethren attack the actual issue, which is sodomy. In fact, chances are that you are a sodomite. sodomy is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance, so it excommunicates you; priests cannot also be sodomites, so if they are, their vows are illicit.”

Where is the “hatred” exactly? I cannot give the context, but I am as likely to find that as you are likely to read it considering your intentions here are little more than the censorship of a thorn in the side of a political ideology your company serves over all.

Both messages correct the record about the scandal in the Church. It was not priests as sodomites cannot be priests, nor can someone who practices sodomy be a Catholic at all. Secondly it wasn’t children that were abused, but young men that were dated. Thirdly, the vast majority of the cases are dragged on and thrown away with no evidence, meaning that most of the priests accused aren’t sodomites at all. This is base fact, a base fact that refutes a desperate media lie meant to defame the Church to cover up the media’s own failings. Therein lies the problem.

Then the messages go onto state that the users I was replying to, like the media, are just scapegoating the Church not only to calumniate against it, but to cover up their own evils. That specific evil being sodomy, which the Church rejects, and the vile trolls attack the Church for to cover up themselves. They wont attack the real problem, because the real problem is often perpetrated by the ones attacking the Church; and in my personal experience, there is not a single situation where that is not the case. Of course, pointing this out refutes a valuable weapon your masters rely on.

So was there any hateful content in that exchange? No, when people call me hateful it is always a projected self-hatred onto me. I am “hateful” because I speak the truth. I am hateful, because the things the other users said were actually hateful against the Church (which is permitted in the name of “revolution”) and my refutation of them was right on target (which is not permitted in the name of “revolution”).

This frankly arbitrary and politically motivated banning just took the right person to be offended because they are themselves guilty, and the right moderator who obliviously thinks they will get “power” via “revolution.” Of course, do either of them know what has happened to every single “comrade” in “revolution?” The same thing has happened to every one, but they think it won’t happen to them because they will be the dictator this time. Oy vey.

All of this was bound to happen, and there is no way I can have more ill will for a company known only for censorship than I already have. I forgive you. This persecution of me helps me more than you could know. You devote yourself to marxism, I devote myself to destroying marxism. You ban me where you have power, I break you hard enough with the truth that you want me dead and gone.

It’s like a dance, but guess who wins in the end?”

I have always loved words, and treated every single post I have made on twitter as an extension of my songwriting.  I often had to revise posts multiple times so that the juiciest lines were not wasted on common idiots, purposely making sure I wouldn’t rhyme as I do naturally and turning my whimsy to a minimum so as to save the good stuff for later.

I wont miss that restriction placed on myself, but I will miss the chance to crack heads on a daily basis.  Which is exactly why I have made this blog, but this time I have no censor (at least until the gestapo finds me here).

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