I have recently been cut off from hundreds of people I care about because I got in the way of a political ideology.  It seems there is a lot of that going around these days, and not just from faceless corporations either.

My only chance to get in touch with them again would be to A) get a new twitter account despite a ban and tell them about this blog, or B) rely on one of my old followers to copy/paste a list of some remembered followers to tell them where I am now and to tell their friends.  I have come to realize that A is more likely to happen than B.  In fact, if I would see a lottery win before I ever see B, and I think gambling is evil so I don’t buy tickets.

You see, the only way I can contact my old followers is if they have a personal site or blog like this.  This creates a conflict of interest as the two I asked blog for a living.  That is how I was able to get in contact with them.  The chances of them helping me is nil as that would be “advertising” against their brand.  You see, I’m not a friend anymore, I’m now a rival apparently.  I managed to find one more person I could message, but I know better than to get my hopes up.

So here I am, desperate and in need of help, and now I am little more as an inconvenience to quash before it becomes a problem.  All I am reminded of is my childhood best friend.  This child (no way would he qualify as a man) put me through two decades of misery.  I was there for him through his flakiness, his lack of respect, his dropping out of school, his drug addiction, his being disowned from his family, his homelessness, his recovery; I was there and asked for nothing in return.

I speak of my friend in the past tense because one day I was feeling unwell and needed some companionship.  I asked my friend to come over to my house the next day to just spend some time together to clear my head.  I got a phone call later that night telling me that he made a “mistake” by calling me, uh huh.  The next afternoon I heard nothing from him and I called him saying that I put up with so much from him and he is so useless that he cannot do one thing for me in two decades.  I was informed that I mean nothing to him and he never wanted to speak to me again.  Because I asked for friendship in return for two decades of propping this man up and being walked all over.

You see, friendship is a lie.  It is why there is no picture for this post, as how can I make a clever meme of something that is impossible to find these days.  It is also why this post is marked as politics, because while friendship may be an illusion, politics is not.  This is not to say that friendship doesn’t exist at all, it is just that friendship is extinct.  This post is marked as culture because modern culture is little more than modern realpolitick, anything not politically useful is abandoned.  This is marked as religion because politics is the prevailing religion of the world, and few are those who do not practice it with devotion.

When my best-friend abandoned me in my time of need, it was not him being a bad friend, it was just him politicking.  When the people I relied on to tell my old followers about my new blog refused to do so, it was in their political interest to just let me fade away.  There is no friendship, no one will help you in this world, but there are people currying for favor and influence in life, and it is not exclusive to government.

So it isn’t that friendship is gone, it is just that there is no room for it in a world where culture and religion have been made slaves to politics.  Not even Catholics are exempt at all.

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