republicantRight in the middle of self-righteous, self-referencing worship of right-wing politics he outright apostatizes in public.  Though who could be shocked?  Screw him.  The right is so intertwined with freemasonry and classical liberalism, you barely have any time to pretend to be Catholic in-between the luciferian oaths and stomping on Rosaries.

This is the article in question.

This is the offending part, the 6th and 7th paragraphs (if you can call a heretical sentence a paragraph):

The Catholic Church is now nothing special (and I say this as a practicing Catholic), is no longer Christ’s rock, is no longer a place to escape from popular culture and moral relativism. By trading in soul-saving dogma for anything goes tolerance, by trading in 2,000 years of moral certainty for a Pope who is just another CNN pundit, the Church has so diluted and polluted its brand, you can now find its generic spirituality anywhere … or nowhere.

In other words, why go to Church when it offers what everyone else offers?

So we have:

  1. Guy rejects not only the Apostolic Succession of the Church, the Magesterium1, God’s own promise that the Church is indivisible2 and indestructible, but also rejects God Himself.  Because since God is at the helm of the Church, and God is in control of the Church, then dear Nolte is saying that not only God is a liar, but incompetent too3.
  2. Guy rejects the Sacraments.  Even if the guy thinks Christ should cut his hair because his neocon friends sneer at him in between bites of a virgin woman being cooked on a spit, you can at least remember the very Graces of God are only found in the Church4.

Ironically, in the process of claiming the Church is so wrapped up in modern left-wing politics, the utterly idiotic john nolte is so wrapped up in right wing politics and his own ego that he apostatizes himself.  Not that he would care as his real “church” is the republican national convention and cpac.

I can’t think of a left wing pundit more economically generous than St John Chrysostom, or more environmentally concerned than St Francis of Assisi, but they don’t count because the american republican Catholic is republican first and Catholic only in a constant state of apology for political standing.  Nothing makes a doughy freemason whose mouth is dripping with a child’s blood, or a toothless protestant who gives his ego the pet name of “the Holy Spirit,” happier than a trained seal calling himself Catholic who they can trod out like Fr Rodriguez from Silence to stomp on a Crucifix in between entirely unironic assurances of his orthodoxy.

The problem here is that since the republican party pretended for a time to be pro-life and anti-sodomy, Catholics thought it was ok to be republican.  Unfortunately in our time of politics being the prevailing religion of the day, we have republicans who think it isn’t ok to be Catholic.  One pope who doesn’t mirror rnc talking points like a southern baptist preacher who says that “Jesus wept” because the collection plate is hungry, and suddenly we have “practicing Catholics5” like john nolte claiming Church doctrine is moot because it doesn’t mirror a transcript of The Andy Griffith Show.

Good riddance.

1. [Combined teachings of the Church, johnny]
2. [Church cannot contradict itself, jimbo]
3. [Would prefer “great leader” trump as a replacement, no doubt.]
4. [Of which mr nolte should not -with any self-awareness- take part in.]
5. [But let’s not lie to ourselves.]

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