Far too many “trads” are like judas: feeble, cowardly, and eager the put the government over God when they feel the devil has taken control.  They feel the devil has taken over and they wish to offer up the Church and God alike as a meal to the tiger in the hopes that it eats judas last.  As both Job and St Thomas More know, that is nonsense.


There is two things I notice from the current attack on the Church:

  1. It is from within, specifically the laity; and not only that, the trad laity.
  2. It is from people (mostly older men) who feel they have lost control of their lives.

The usual suspects of those trying to scapegoat the Church to cover up what sodomy entails are circling their wagons as usual.  The shock comes when it is “dad” and the Jim’s Lobster Hut Blues Band that comes along for the ride, especially when “dad” and the Mustang Sally aficionados normally pretend to be Catholic.

What is clear is that these people honestly didn’t know what sodomy is before a “report” or whatever was recently released.  I don’t see what is shocking, nor do I see what this has to do with the Church.  The Church rightfully rejects sodomy as it is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance.  Secondly, sodom blown up with a meteor for a reason.    What did they think was being referred to when we mentioned sodomites before now?  Two men holding hands?

What is also clear is that these “men” think they will finally wrench control back into their lives if they attack the Church.  How does this work?  I don’t know, but I do know I have put more thought into this for a blog post than they have about what they are doing.  They have no faith, they have no guidance, and they feel the government will give them guidance and power where they feel they have none.  They want to put governmental bodies above the Church in a cartoonish inquisition, and I have little doubt that it is so they can live vicariously through it.

One wonders why they don’t just grow their hair out and buy a motorcycle like normal male-menopause sufferers.  Maybe they are powerless for a good reason.

Here is St Thomas More on “men” like these:

I find, then, that one great part of the terror of the nights is the fault of faintheartedness: that fearful and feeble disposition, that is, which causes some people to be afraid where there is no need to be afraid. The fault of faintheartedness first causes people in tribulation to become impatient.  The fault of faintheartedness, or a timed spirit, also often prevents people from doing many good things which, if they acquired a strong spirit by trusting in God’s help, they would be well able to do. The devil, however not only puts them in a state of cowardice but also makes them take it as humility to think themselves unfit for an incapable of many a good thing that God has given them the opportunity and has made them well suited to do. Such folks need to lift up their hearts and call upon God.  All this fear comes by scheming of the devil.

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