I was the unfortunate recipient of the most evil (and most banal) declaration I have heard in a long time.  Pictured: the unitarian logo.unitarian

The person who said it was either a unitarian or a satanist.  I think it was a unitarian as I have yet to see a satanist as nearly organized and saccharine in their evil as unitarians.  unitarians are like snakes about to strike and satanists are like suicidal teenagers (often literally).  Usually unitarians will openly sympathize with the devil and satanists will just pretend the devil doesn’t exist as a defense mechanism.

First they said the Church allowed abortion “in special cases” (the usual you can expect from them), and then they added on something I never heard before: They claimed that while God created Adam & Eve to be male and female, they claimed God ONLY created Adam & Eve to be male and female.

That is on the level of the devil asking Eve “did God really say you would die?” or “ye will be like gods.”  Truly the most diabolic things you hear are also the stupid lest things you hear.

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