they certainly cannot look it in the eyes, they don’t want to see it.


Ah the tepid fury of a “boomer” scorned.  The “spirit of Vatican 2,” I am guessing.  I will go out on a limb and guess a few “sacrifices” have been made to this “spirit” with a shoebox altar with crystals on it.


Apparently there was this article recently on a supposed Catholic blog (one I will guess is a poor movie reference mixed in with a Catholic thing she outright rejects).  I say “Catholic” in the sense of “boomer catholic” or “pseudo catholic” or “treats Sacraments like suburban ‘rites of passage'” or “attacks desperately anything relating to the Church because she went to an elementary school Catechism class once.”  I’ll guess an abortion was had somewhere or their coven made them do it.  It’s patheos though, a place where worldly authors of a specific political bent can all go to create anti-Christian or anti-Catholic, hugbox, echo chamber comment sections in the form of blogs for money; elizabeth scalia’s “gift” that keeps on giving.

This anti-Catholic, hugbox, echo chamber was about the author boasting over the Church and attacking it with torches they lit from their own burning corn (a reference to my favorite Orthodoxy passage).  Also to try to convince abuse survivors to not commit suicide, but if it couldn’t attack the Church or push a democrat party platform, would it be on her blog?

Is there a post for the public school teacher victims, who have 100x more cases than the Church?  Especially considering public school teachers are the most likely abusers, and the Church houses the least likely abusers?  That never entered into the equation.  What did enter into the equation was what Venerable Fulton Sheen’s translation of lenin’s main axiom:

every lie, trickery, knavery and deceit must be used to push world revolution.

But what really set me off would be the user “3vil5triker,” which is either his xbox360 gamertag or the name he uses with his satanic coven when playing dungeons and dragons.  I can just imagine a bowling shirt with that name embroidered on it, and I would rather not think of it anymore.

Anyways, I replied to the article with this:

9122019post1meIn which I apparently “trigggered” everyone.  I have yet to find a situation where I haven’t triggered everyone, which means I have a spotless record in piercing the ego.

The reply was this:


I point out the hypocrisy (of course the post is “pending” because I had to edit it) here:


Yes, what is the point of fighting against an evil when you seemingly support evil as a matter of rote tradition at this point?  To attack the Church, of course; but also, because even those who support evil and make a living off it must draw the line somewhere.  Reminds me of a comment on an old mark shea blog that went something along the lines of: “the teachers at art school began a rebellion in their youth that they have forgotten why they have done so as they have gone older, but simply continue to do so because they have nothing else.”

their reply went like this:


Which does not address my point so much as gives it an example.  As I said in my reply not actually visible on disqus:

Such a brave response behind my back. Don’t worry, if she bans my old account too, you can always reply on my blog where your absurd evil has ensured I will put this reply there to escape the attack of the boomer rage again.

Let me guess, the help is to send me to a soviet style gulag so I can never bother your conscience again. What you do not understand, is that you are ashamed because what you do is unnatural, you are NOT ashamed because Christians exist and you are NOT ashamed because you have heard of God. you would be ashamed no matter what.

When the capital sin of pride is threatened, the one with pride is (and I have seen it one time otherwise out of a thousand+ or so) too weak to admit what they are is wrong. therefore they try to use their stolen divine will to project their evil in the hopes everyone else is wrong or guilty or damned in their place; unusually this is onto any or all Christians (or Catholics for the truly demonic projection) or onto God (as this blog often does for the worse-than-demonic projection.

More amusingly, you once more prove my point. That quote from cs lewis is about doing do much evil that you no longer see evil, especially in yourself. We in the actual Church have a term for that: reprobate mind.

I even pointed it out in my post (which you didn’t read, gets in the way of “freezing, polarizing, politicizing,” eh?):
<blockquote>I imagine the singular reason she has not jumped headfirst into this evil as she does EVERY OTHER EVIL is because she would not be able to give scandal in blog form by pretending to be Catholic if she was 100% demonic. Reminds me of the time Chesterton met the devil worshipper in art school. satanists have to draw a line somewhere so they don’t go completely insane.

For the satanist that runs this blog, that is apparently the worst form of the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance of blasphemy (she bases this blog on the other forms of blasphemy).</blockquote>

this is not a display of virtue, this is a display of trying to attack the Church with every last bit of your dismembered furniture; all while trying to hold on to her last bit of her humanity she has not outright dedicated to the service of pure evil. just like you, who just a few months/weeks ago tried to claim that God is “a cruel monster” because… you were not clear… you just exemplified the Eternal words of Venerable Fulton Sheen: that you hate God because you have wronged God; but also his other quote: “evil men sneer at Virtue because Virtue makes vice uncomfortable.”

Or the Eternal Kierkegaard quote: “the primary characteristic of despair is this: it cannot recognize itself.” you try to project this onto me by the mortal sin of despair. you can’t recognize the evil you do. you can’t even recognize the words in my post. then again, gnostics believe that reality will change with wishful thinking, and you feel God (and especially Catholics) gets in the way of that. you are right, we do get in the way of that. Cheerfully, because we are alive, and you hate us for that; one day you won’t be able to lie to yourself about God or about us, or about yourself.

As Chesterton would say, and the author of blog would exemplify: the Church has been attacked for 2000 years, and it is a startling proof of her that She has never been cracked but everyone who has attacked her has been cracked against her.

I am going to guess the length of my reply is what got my post sent to a queue, but oh what a post it is.

In some ways I feel a severe pity for ms/mrs pezzulo; she is clearly hurting over some guilt, and it isn’t because of the Church but because of something she uses the Church as a punching bag for.  That does not last when I see the evil she dedicates herself to, and what she makes her living saying.

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