A sad man spits upon Catholicism in the middle of his own degenerative condition to refer to anything above his mere ego and sexual sin as “ideology” and anything above his low thought processes as “hypocrisy.”

Seems the marxists are angry that their specific race isn’t in power anymore.



Imagine finding a verbose yet totally ignorable “alt-right” figurehead like @CityBureaucrat.  Amused at his snide, surface-level takes (don’t worry about dredging his twitter account for them, all his commentary is like that) you google his name, and as a sane Catholic man you find this and THIS crap.

As a blogger, mr bureaucrat here has the perspective of a democrat (which he openly claims to be) who has marxist views, marxist axioms, marxist beliefs.  Just a modern day marxist of the left who figured he could get his own cult by appealing to disaffected alt-righters.  Basically he realized he could never make it as a big time marxist ideologue, so now he hopes to create an “alternative” base that has yet to be manipulated for his general philosophy’s purpose.  This is why those like him only rail against “establishment left” or “authoritarian left” alone, and who prey on disaffected libertarians boys not aware of their enemy enough to realize they are falling for a slightly reworded version of what they claim to fight against.  Boys who are angry, furious even, that feminists tell them to stop masturbating, have apparently losing their prescience along with their wasted seed.

Oy vey, the perverts are at it again.  Speaking of which, apparently there is this little-known, less-talked-about guy on the internet called “bronze age pervert” who appears to be a twitter ideologue who spends days feigning “manliness” and denying all Natural Rights while posting pictures of half-naked body builders (the other half is of posting penises and naked men, but let’s all try to forget that while we still can).

It really appears like these people are all just VERY, VERY angry that Catholicisim exists despite all their lockean efforts, and their porneions do not exist any more (THANK YOU JESUS!).  For those that don’t know, porneions were ancient greek theaters where grown men called “sodomites” would pay to rape “catamites”; catamites were sex slave boys ages ranging about 7-14 years old.  Truly, the “alt-right” is not against degeneracy, they are angry their specific degeneracy is no longer championed by their chosen political leaning.

Which brings another salient point: it appears the alt-right are just cultural marxists angry their race is not allowed into the circus.  Oh, they loved the days when socialists were “white people,” not so much now though.  Moreso is the irony that the delusion of “germanic master race” was invented out of whole cloth by the german government of the 16th century and popularized by recently-excommunicated rapist luther (aping talmudic rhetoric) to justify the creation of the totalitarian state.

For this reason, the alt-right HATES Catholics, because the alt-right are the offshoot of a synthesis of all heresies that was publicly “justified” by an absurdist german-nationalist revenge against The Church in the hope of getting back at italians who hated germans.  Not knowing The Church is Eternal, not italian.  Just like our proto-sodomitic “bureaucrat” from chicago thinks The Church is “hypocritical ideology” because he can’t see past his feeble fixation on power he will never have no matter how much he sneers or calumniates.

This then brings me to the culmination of this poisonous ideology, the “on-the-street”-level view where this poisonous ideology meets real people who believe in it.  Enter “TellYourSonThis” or “the iliminatable man.”  A place where a guy who must be no older than 15 years old teaches “men” to raise their sons to be selfish, belligerent cads with a hair trigger and who are short to become the next generation of divorced child-support dodgers.

Listen (even though I know many won’t), it helps no one to prey on fatherless boys looking to be a “man” despite not having any in their lives.  Worse then, teaching them the same toxic crap that made their dad walk out on their mom in the first place.  It is like passing off a mutated strain of the disease as a cure so you keep being hired to treat the condition you are actually causing.

So often do these poor fools sneer at Catholics for our “Apologetics,” which is a part of an unfortunate meme of “alt-right”ers misusing Catholic terms to speak about their marxist enemies.  The same marxist enemies who are really just a more established form of the “alt-right,” but who just don’t like white people.

To define a term: Apologetics comes from St Justin Martyr’s 145AD book “First Apology” (First Answer) Explaining how The Church DIDN’T steal anything from paganism; it was written to explain this to pagans who were stealing motifs and practices from The Church.  These people remind me of the 2nd century gnostics who Martyred St Justin Martyr because his detailed explaining of the Absolute Truth of everything The Church knows and does, completely ruined most gnostic cults by cutting off their recruiting power.  Seems paganism (especially the horrible brand re-emerging as the “alt-right”) never changes.

These people not only reject Truth, but hate it and rail against it because Truth gets in the way of the areas they want “unquestioned liberty.”  Yet they claim to love “truth,” just as long as it isn’t really Truthful.  Seems they say “truth” like marxists do (“alt-right” are just “white” cultural marxists after all), meaning “beneficial feelings or ideals.”

Tying it back into luther, their denial of Truth to replace it with falsely-labeled “truth,” is just 1517 being brought into 2020.  The fundamental assumptions of these people follow that of luther’s “revolution,” as in the delusion of “freedom from the law.”

Dr. John C Rao addressed this years ago in 2016, which I will quote below, which provides both the diagnosis and the solution all in one paragraph:

We almost all fall prey to the enticement simply to pick what “liberty” most appeals to our particular passion, declare it pleasing to God, willfully condemn whichever application of the same principle we find personally unacceptable when used by others, and ignore the innately poisonous nature of the entire concept. And, quite frankly, we almost all fall prey to the cynical temptation to mobilize the “total depravity” argument anew when we chuckle over the naïve, utopian vision of opponents who want to use law and authority to help make people virtuous in realms where we want “liberty”. But blithely making common cause with “liberty” in a world that did not have to be totally depraved but is making every effort to become so is riding on the back of a willful monster—with the current self-destructive appeal to religious liberty at the top of the list. It is only the positive liberty to use our Faith, Grace, our Reason, and the help of social authorities, both supernatural and natural, to correct and transform ourselves under the Social Kingship of Christ that can lead to a life worth living in this world and to eternal happiness in the next.

Invective comes, and it is per usual worth nothing, but this specific brand of “alt-right” invective referencde all throughout this piece seems to be riding off of either sexual sin (maybe the delusion more sexual sin might make you a “real man”), or the desire to call anything resembling Virtue as mere “ideology.”  The latter of which also appears to be borne of sexual sin.  Clinging to cheap, manipulative pagan beliefs (all while being too cowardly to be corrected), these people find themselves smitten with the idea of returning to a time where ancient pagans raped single-digit-aged-boys to “assert their manhood.”  Only in this mire can the pigs feel at home, certainly not in Christendom.

Really, these people are just hucksters relabeling and repackaging the problem as the cure.  Taking marxism and hiding it behind anti-marxism, like how the next generations of fascist in today’s world all refer to themselves as “antifa” or anti-fascists (thank you to Winston Churchill for predicting that).  The weakminded, suffering by this marxism while paying out the nose to “fight” marxism by duped into being marxists, are hidden behind a “manly,” pseudointellectual veneer that appeals to the innate weakness, greed, envy, and (most-of-all) pride of fallen man.

These searchers both after the superman and insecure boys to drag into the porneion arena.  Searchers to turn sons into elevated perpetual adolescents.  All of them provide a lockean attack on the only thing that can save them from what they rail against.

They just want to keep the pigs in the mire worshiping them and not God.  If men knew God, why would men follow any of the fools pushing the disease as the cure?

They rally against people calling out nihilism, because they need nihilism to drive people into their Godless ego-dramas.  These salesmen who deny The Resurrection almost as much as they assert the digestive tract as a sex organ.

They who go on profanity-laced screeds about anyone who dare remind them that their “larp” as a real, manipulative man is not manly at all.  They who try to hide small ideas behind big words.

They who cannot look beyond their noses, who snivel at The Church as a mere “political” body.  Anything above their lowest-ordered view cannot withstand their delusion of self-apotheosis via internet-famous trolling, so they slander and lie.  Anything above “power” is asserted to not exist as it would be self-refuting if they did “Go Beyond Your Mind” to Recognize it.

Venerable Fulton Sheen discussed this (quoted below).  Ironically, our CityBureaucrat took umbrage about the mention of the anti-christ, all while missing the point that pointed out the bureaucrat himself as complicit.  A bureacrat’s erotic fixation has no room for self-sacrifice.  Looking beyond his navel would be refuting so he does not.

“If we leave the Cross out of the Life of Christ, we have nothing left, and certainly not Christianity. For the Cross is related to our sins. Christ was our “stand in” on the stage of life. He took our guilt as if He were guilty and thus paid the debt that sin deserved, namely, death. This made possible our resurrection to a “new life” in Him. Christ, therefore, is not just a teacher or a peasant revolutionist, but our Savior. Our modern world does not like the word “sin.”

What is forgotten is that sin is not the worst thing in the world. The worst thing is the denial of sin. If I am blind and deny there is any such thing as light, I shall never see. If I am deaf and deny sound, I shall never hear. And if I deny there is sin, I make forgiveness impossible . I believe that the whole political and religious situation of the world can be summed up in terms of the divorce of Christ and His Cross. Put the Cross-less Christ on the right side, and the Christ-less Cross on the left. Who picks up the Crossless Christ? Our decadent Western civilization.  This Christ is weak, effeminate, with no authority to drive buyers and sellers out of temples, and never speaks of self-discipline, restraint and mortification.

Who picks up the Christless Cross? Russia and China, where there is a dedication to a common ideology, the use of discipline and authority to keep peace and order. But neither can heal. The, Crossless Christ leaves men burdened with their guilt which festers in a thousand psychosis and neuroses. The Christless Cross cannot save for it ends in Dachau, the Gulag Archipelago and the squeezing of the lives of millions like grapes to make the collective wine of the State.

Which will first find Christ with the Cross? The totalitarian states who have the Cross without Love, or the Western world which has “love” so often erotic-without sacrifice? We do not know. But we do know that at the end of time, when the great battle between the forces of good and evil takes place, satan will appear without the Cross, as the Great Philanthropist and Social Reformer to become the final temptation of all mankind.”

God help us, these idiot “alt-right” reprobates aren’t.

These are the people getting blue in the face SCREAMING about not wanting “safe spaces,” while DEMANDING them for themselves.

So to all you “alt-righters” reading: Try the only REAL “safe space,” the Sanctuary of a Catholic Church. Eucharistic Adoration might make you into a Father, machiavelli will just make you into the same “man” that left you to fend for yourself as a child.

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