Twenty years ago, I remember hearing most of the high school to middle school -aged kids openly referring to their younger brothers and sisters as “mistakes” (though most were only children, corroborated by the birth rate). Apparently this would be something parents would just tell their kids while sexualizing them at a young age and informing them of the need of contraception or else you might not be able to live the liberal dream anymore.

These younger brothers and sisters, the “mistakes,” are now burning down many of the major cities around the world.  It seems like they are trying to get revenge for being born at all.


When I was involved with the Pro-Life community, I remember once speaking to a clinical psychologist named Dr. Jonah with a practice of 36 years at the time. This Doctor Jonah specialized in dealing with kids and teenagers. Being australian with freemason beliefs (how redundant it seems) and of dubious ethical scruples, his favored technique was to hypnotize the kids to get to what they really were like without any filter. Just about every troubled kid he hypnotized not only came from a family with an aborted sibling, each of the kids somehow knew that deep down one of their siblings were murdered, and that they were secretly planning to kill their parents and themselves in revenge. When questioning the kids about this outside of hypnosis, none of them had any inkling of a sibling, or of any conscious hatred of their parents or any murder/suicide plots. Dr Jonah figured the kids were repressing these feelings and figured the children deep-down felt their parents were lying when said parents told the children “I Love you.”

Doctor Jonah’s diagnosis was grim: if these kids ever figured out what abortion really is, they would kill everyone dead in the street, burn everything to the ground out of revenge for the deaths of their siblings, and then toss themselves into the fire when they were done. We are currently living in the preliminary practice run of that plan.

Enter my crash course in “generation z” though. On one hand we have a hippy-dippy activist named “barely fair” (refered to as “MsFair” from now on) and a standard psuedointellectual leftist ideologue calling himself “MrCarton.”

I met them earlier in the day totally on accident. I dared challenge a staged activist photo-op and then dared mention that 50% of ALL black people in america are murdered in the womb. I had to deal with hours of people then claiming babies deserved to die, or with blaspheming against God and His Church. Par for the course when I have the misfortune of dealing with young people, but it got worse.

I log off and come back to find MsFair and MrCarton had been talking for some FIVE (of seven) hours about their hypothetical dream revolution they would be in charge of. Apparently, this is what childhood fantasy has been reduced to. Not of relationships or some media, but of the “dialectic” and who to kill to achieve this. Whatever you thought about “GenZ” up until this point, I GUARANTEE the reality is worse.

So this is the face of GenZ, the same ones rioting and burning down their own cities. ALL they fantasize about is what they will do when they get in power and kill their enemies.

they don’t know what happens when their “revolution” is over and “comrades” outlive their usefulness. they don’t want to know, in fact they were never taught to think that far (or that anyone would even try to oppose them), let alone think at all. Here’s an example from hour 7 of the communist circle-jerk

No, MsFair here is completely serious (click through):


Despite the bloodthirst, they have some sick desire for infantilization. All GenZ has is fantasies about childhood coddling while simultaneously planning their desired world take over. Like a day care where they get to mass murder people and obsess over ethnonarcissism.

All they really seem to want to be is adult children of liberal hollywood stars with lifelong daycare.  MrCarton plans to live the dream:


But ultimately GenZ is exemplified by the childhood mindset. they want a world run with the mob rule of the public school system, they just think they will finally be the “cool” ones if they are armed and force people to be like them at gunpoint.

MrCarton celebrates “social democracy” here (the followers being called “democratic socialists), not knowing marx came up with that too.  Once no bloody revolutions happened, marx had to revise.  The idea was to collapse countries by untennable evil voted in by dole-seekers, then to just install communism when people were down.  These kids basically want a modern labour party, just with them in charge; the uk doesn’t even want its own labour party!:

GenZ not only wants a world run like a high school (with them as the unquestioned dictator and the de-facto “cool kids”), but they literally want a world run by high school kids.

Like all young people, they don’t realize they will not be that age forever.

I might not be the only one who is loopy after being up for too long, as MsFair ended her support of having 16 year olds voting and 18 year olds holding public office with this gem:

GenZ are idealists without ideas; they will kill you for the sake of the ideals of radicals they find will give them power, but would kill each other for daring to have an idea contrary to their radicalization.

The young think they are pulling one over on their thought leaders, never aware of what their thought leaders have planned for them.  MrCarton seems to have no idea what he will do when even his bleed-ing edge liberalism is old and there is a young kid wanting to do him in:

Living their whole lives vicariously through media, GenZ fantasizes about video game like violence to get their delusions of power; but want other people to do it for them.

Unaware all sides are against them, they don’t realize what would happen to them if their chosen mercenaries ever turned on them (which the communists of 1979 iran learned the hard way).

MrCarton wants to fix problems inherent with post-revolutionary societies like the usa by making another post-revolutionary society (just one he is in charge of):

But GenZ only knows how to tantrum, they refuse absolutely to take any responsibilities for their actions. Even if people fight back because GenZ’ antics have made life intolerable, they will claim their victims are the perpetrators if they choose to act in self-defense against their little-jacobin tyranny.

I don’t know what is more shocking here, MsFair’s ideas or the fact she is taking this more seriously than I am:

I remind you that this is a GenZ kid who spent the past 5-7 hours fantasizing about his communist revolution that would install him as dictator. he ignores all that does not agree with his personal emotions.

he actually doesn’t even think people would oppose him from even his own side (what every revolutionary has had to suffer once the “dictator,” never them, is in power).

Not only is MrCarton apparently a time-traveler from 1970, he thinks liberals in the american south have the guns:61220202tweet8of11


So goes GenZ with their plans of attempted murder/suicide of any country they are a part of.

Totally disturbed that ANYONE would or could dare oppose them, their ideas are little more than suicide. As Doctor Jonah implied, that may just be the point.

MsFair is clearly serious about starting “the revolution” herself though.  This all reminds me of a song by a “(small c)hristian, but not really” band Anberlin called “Audrey, Start the Revolution!”  I take this threat of “revolution” about as seriously as I take that song:

More than the jacobins, these people seem to identify with one thomas paine. thomas paine hated God & honestly thought he would remake the world in his image. The problem is that GenZ is not a foundation for ANYTHING, they’re not even a foundation for their own egos.

The ONLY POSSIBLE Foundation is God, His Church, and The Social Kingship of Christ.

paine failed hard. Like paine, GenZ wants to “progress,” but only have vague ideas of “more progress.” All they really “progress” toward is collapse. Also like thomas paine, GenZ thinks they will remake the world in their image. What they don’t understand is that you can only build when you have a Foundation, and all they plan to do is control everyone (under the guise of false-liberty) and destroy all that achieves anything:

GenZ does support support diversity though, but are furious that people are different to them.

GenZ supports voting, but only if you vote EXACTLY how their professors taught them to.

GenZ loves debate, just as long as you only agree.

GenZ, oh GenZ is a mistake.

The gentleman from the movie there looks like me after I read this exchange and the horror subsided:

All of this stupidity doesn’t mean GenZ needs to kill anyone or themselves, they just need to sit down and grow up before the parents that murdered their siblings get tired of them too.

God Help us all, Please.

3 thoughts on “Generation Z, the last mistake of the pagan west

  1. I saw you @ me (Bbmadd#11) on breitbart, but they have banned me so I couldn’t respond there. You asked if there were any sites that weren’t full of sodomites. You could try, I’m pretty sure they are anti-lgbt and pro-Christian. I don’t think the patriotic alternative is pro lgbt, and I don’t think they are anti-Christian. There are more, but they tend to be very far right. Let me know if you’re interested. It does seem like most of the “conservative” Internet has fully embraced lgbt propaganda. Pretty soon they’ll be chanting “her body her choice!” The people that call themselves conservatives these days only care about money.

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