Next post is from “ubi dubium” who appears to be some flavor of the “post-abortive white woman” or “afluent, white, female liberal” (the acronym “AWFL” for short, phoneticized “awful”). I don’t know who they are, but they don’t see to know who they are anymore either, so it’s a wash:

My Reply is this:

I do speak for God and His Church more than you realize, but I have yet to officially take that position (one day, hopefully soon).

As for now, I am simply using Faith and Reason along with Magisterium, Sacred Tradition, and Scripture as well as Love, Absolute Truth, and Natural Law to answer you by what is already known.

I am not selling anything. money can’t buy you out of hell and never can.

Contrition, Conversion, Confession, Penance, and Repentance is the ONLY path.

Note “her” repeated de-capitalization of God.

Now have her write the name of the devil and you might see something that atheists do ALL THE TIME.

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