Born in the middle of the devil’s century (1917 to 2017, the “hour of God’s day,” where the devil claimed he could destroy The Church in 100 years), dedicated their life to sin and pharmakon, all to revive any and all paganism in the hopes of collapsing civilization like all paganism collapses, the “baby boomer” generation has caused more pain than any in human history.

Though squarely convinced of their their own “godhood,” even they seem to know they can’t last forever and deep down they know what’s coming and that it is them that brought it.


I really don’t mean to turn this into a giant treatise as that would take AGES, and the subject of the analysis isn’t exactly interesting (not to mention wordpress wouldn’t even probably show it publicly).

I have recently begun to get in trouble with a number of reprobates, and all of them are “of a certain age.”  Not just “married to the age,” as Chesterton would describe worldly people “soon to be widowed by time,” but people who exemplify the collapse that has befalling man as of late because these are the people that brought it about!

First is “nate” apparently a musician from Alabama who became a reprobate in his later years during the early 2010’s.  Like his friend “carmen” they claim to be “faithful” small-c “christians” who were sitting obliviously in pews for years before the shame over sin drove them to suckle on madness. 

While “nate” follows the typical boomerisms of pop-sci from 1920-1970, especially his last post where he tries to rationalize himself out of Eternity, carmen is more of the typical boomer who talks about her grandkids and her banal life in canada.  carmen even pretends to celebrate Christmas, though she would no-doubt insist that it is a “pagan festival” because her fellow sexagenarian “rick steves” told her so during a public broadcasting binge (give or take a decade).

Christmas is The Birth Of Christ, Celebrated by The Church for HUNDREDS of years before julian the apostate took “pagan festivals” and ordered them on the same day as Christmas to attack The Church.  Simple facts like these escape from the boomer mind, because having been raised on television they treat television like their real parents.

What matters simply is adherence to that ” media-pharma-military-industry complex” and all else is secondary to the point of absurdity.

We then have “kcchief1” who not only looks like a textbook midwestern boomer, but has actual freemason views to go with his strange fixation on ancient egypt.  this fan of a middling midwestern football insists that no matter what, people must worship their own ego, never anything else.  Like St Augustine would describe them, they “curve inwards” and from that reprobate revulsion to anything that makes them look outside of themselves, they go mad with a reprobate mind.

We have the oddly-named “nan” who became what she is sometime before 2007 (see also).  “nan” is not a description of her being a Grandmother, no that would be “patriarchal.”  “nan” is the first name of a ms “yeilding,” who is an aging hippie who co-habitates with a man and their two dogs.  Well then.

Going by the book she wrote, which is a collection of all pablum and “conventional knowledge” spewed by the sex-shamfeul boomers since the 1960’s, she is either a very generic troll or a human meme.  I think it might be the latter.

nan drinks, nan is in to some fashionable forms of paganism, nan is into the occult, nan (sadly) exemplifies the old Chesterton adage of “the man who believes in himself,” and nan also exemplifies one of my favorite Chesterton quotes (very popularly paraphrased as “when you cease to believe in God, you do not believe in nothing you believe in EVERYTHING”):

“you hard-shelled materialists were right on the edge of belief — belief in ANYTHING at all!”

Also, if this isn’t her, I don’t know who could possibly be:


We call this the “I bought two dogs over shame over abortion, go to a wiccan coven pretending to be a female-led ‘church,’ and my boyfriend will abandon me to shrivel in a hospice the first chance they get” face.  Is that too long of a description, or is it just “spoiling the plot” of a book yet to be read by one person, though is so passé everyone knows it by now?

As an aside, we see none other than “professor taboohere!  We find out he is divorced and loves all forms of sexual sin (not shocking), the only pressing question is whether the infidelity that lead to his collapse was with a man or a woman.  I frankly do not want to know.

Then we have the worst, the utterly generic in all ways “john zande” who blasphemes so hard it is like he spends every waking moment wishing for God to strike him down because the mere capability to Repent makes undear “zande” (a name so close to “zunde,” the root word for the anglicized-german word “sin”).  Oh, and of course he loves satanic rituals too, but yet doesn’t realize that trying to find exceptions proves he knows he is doing the worst evil of all.

zunde “zande” also has two books on amazon where he spouts dualistic gnosticism and claims that God is “evil” because zande thinks he will some how “damn” God in his own place by projection.  “zande” is the apotheosis of the boomer, the end of the road for the man who is convinced that God is mere “being” to be “competed” with for the delusion of the capital sin of pride.

What do We say of all these people?  of all their evil and all the ruin they brought?

Well, We say “Well, not for long.”

This reminds me so much when the “rigid,” Faithful Monks traveled from Ireland into pagan europe and destroyed the “dark ages” by bringing the Christendom of the Medieval Era.  all the pagans tended to be ex-Christians who were old, senile , married to the age, and tried DESPERATELY to Martyr the young, strong Catholics who were Beyond Time.  Those Monks were few more than 12 or 14 years old, the pagans are senile before they even get old as proven by boomer 1.5 xers, boomer 2.0 millennials, and boomer 3.0 zoomers (hat tip to the spotty Anthony Esolen for that last part).

Throughout history, the demonic have ALWAYS been among the old, and always born in the “Good times make weak men” part of the cycle. your lives have been the “weak men make hard times.”

We are currently in the phase that Chesterton (paraphrased) described as “when you forget what is Good and True, your sons and grandsons will rise up against you and kill you in revenge for what you hid from them.” The “hard times make Strong men” part into “Strong men make Good times.”

So goodbye to the boomers, what pathetic “gods” they all made; for like all pagan “gods” they are naught but demons to be soon erased.

St Charbel Makhlouf knew of this coming collapse by a parent-less absentee generation even a hundred years before the boomers:

“Guard your families and keep them from the schemes of the evil one through the presence of God in them. Protect and keep them through prayer and dialogue through mutual understanding and forgiveness, through honesty and faithfulness, and most importantly, through listening. Listen to one another with your ears, eyes, hearts, mouths and the palms of your hands, and keep the roaring of the noise of the world away from your homes because it is like raging storms and violent waves; once it enters the home, it will sweep away everything and disperse everyone. Preserve the warmth of the family, because the warmth of the whole world cannot make up for it.”

God Himself Said This To St Catherine Of Sienna:

“Do you know dearest daughter, how I raise the soul out of her imperfections? Sometimes I vex her with evil thoughts and a sterile mind. It will seem to her that I have left her completely, without any feeling whatever. She does not seem to be in the world, because she is in fact not there; nor does she seem to be in me because she has no feeling at all other than that her will does not want sin. I do not allow enemies to open the gate of the will that is free. I do let the devils and other enemies of humankind beat against other gates, but not against this, which is the main gate guarding the city of the soul. I do not will the soul’s death as long as she is not so stupid as to open the gate of her will. They cannot enter unless her own will chooses to let them in.”

We won’t make this same mistake again. the devil’s century is over.

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