So I recently came into contact with a “transgressive left” video game “reviewer” who moonlights as a psuedointellectualist and amateur pornographer.  I was banned from his site but not before he openly edited my messages to not only hide what I said but also to attack me.  Here I seek to speak without a petty tyrant breathing down my neck.

For a little background, sainsbury is apparently an “australian” “game developer” and “reviewer” who makes naked pictures of small cartoon girls of dubious age in various states of undress; at least when they aren’t getting tied up in forays of sadomasochism or “existential terror” (the existential terror also includes nudity I imagine, but I am not going to check).

this apparently has a following of some dedication around 100 people (at least according to his forum).  twitter is not so receptive as his whole organization is banned there.

Ignoring all that (THANK GOD), I at least want to say my peace in regards to his vacillating views between denying Absolute Truth exists and demanding with absolute certainty that you worship his absurdist viewpoint or else.  I as banned after being accused of being demonically possessed a few times.  Every word I am saying below was also said to him there and it got me called a “moron” and silenced.

So here it goes:

“I think therefore I am” is an absurd statement as descartes was saying that he can deny anything but that he is denying something.  that doesn’t mean anything and it is a cop-out that Chesterton was talking about when taking down “the skeptic” at every opportunity.

ultimately it is descartes asking to not be taken seriously, which no one sane does.  I see nothing from taro to think he is aware of anything, much less of what he is trying to talk about as a veneer to cover his perversions and devilry.

It is through my “religion” that I can see and think at all.  The lack of which explains a lot in your two idols.

taro would not know his behind from a hole in the ground if you paid him to find it.  How much destruction must be caused before people see bad ideas when they are staring them in the face?  I certainly don’t see any value in the way people use his works to justify all their own bad ideas.

As for descartes, I know the results of his actions and views, and I explained what they are.  Every evil of the past best millennium grew out of his inability to admit that ideas can be harmful and bad or stupid and therefore you can toss them away.  descartes certainly didn’t cause those evils, as they were there for a long time before him, it’s just he allowed their reemergence.

This reminds me of Chesterton talking about neitzche, saying that everyone in human history has thought the same things that neitzche did but everyone else was sane enough to throw the bad ideas away.   neitzche was never able to reject himself or even the most errant thought he had, and that sent him first into delusions of “godhood,” then into syphillis, then the insane asylum.

that neitzche’s tutor was feuerbach, the same one marx had, didn’t help.

So while you are busy projecting your near-suicidal, mediocre smugness hiding psueodointellectualism so faint that not even you believe your own errors, I will tell you that happiness is not everything.

I am a whole man, and “happiness” is a byproduct of being whole.  As Plato said a man in a dark cave does not know anything of light or the outside world, and CS Lewis described evil men not being able to understand anything for the same reason those who are asleep know neither sleeping or waking.

Ignoring that you show no understanding of the people you outright worship, and even openly admit you are possessed, I will just move on quickly.  Chesterton described you rather succinctly:

“Moreover, not only did the poetry grow more immoral, but the immorality grew more indefensible. Greek vices, oriental vices, hints of the old horrors of the Semitic demons began to fill the fancies of decaying Rome, swarming like flies on a dung heap. The psychology of it is really human enough to anyone who will try that experiment of seeing history from the inside. There comes an hour in the afternoon when the child is tired of ‘pretending’; when he is weary of being a robber or a Red Indian. It is then that he torments the cat. There comes a time in the routine of an ordered civilisation when the man is tired at playing at mythology and pretending that a tree is a maiden or that the moon made love to a man. The effect of this staleness is the same everywhere; it is seen in all drug-taking and dram-drinking and every form of the tendency to increase the dose. Men seek stranger sins or more startling obscenities as stimulants to their jaded sense. They seek after mad oriental religions for the same reason. They try to stab their nerves to life, if it were with the knives of the priests of baal. They are walking in their sleep and try to wake themselves up with nightmares.”

Interestingly, that Chesterton quote also perfectly encapsulates taro, neitzche, descartes, and kant as well; and just about every anime fan too.  Anyone who can be easily called “afterbirth,” all of which are the “drug taking” and “dram drinking” pagans searching after “mad oriental religions” and “obscenities” to try to wake themselves up from the nightmare of their own making.  taro is unique in that he wants more people in the nightmare, and those like “matt” et al seek to drown themselves in the hopes of forcing themselves so rock-bottom they shoot out the other side (doesn’t work that way though, obviously).

Like a famous samizdat writer and friend of Solzhenitsyn said, that the communist (or heathen as they were called with the ancient greek variant) are government worshipers who show up always near the end of a civilization and believe ever-stranger absurdities for the sake of suicide on a civilizational level.

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