There are few things I truly dislike more than hypocrites, and one of them is when you have to purposely stupefy yourself to make the hypocrisy work.  This is one of those days.

Cartoon is by scott stantis from the chicago tribune.  Who took time out of his busy schedule of enshrining icons of liberal worship to tell the Truth in an act of desperation.

So who is this guy?  All I can gather is that david is a baby boomer who hates and loves drawings for a living.  Usually arbitrary as he will call some art as terrible and indistinguishable art for some reasons he tries very hard to explain with a level of rambling detail that totally obscures any meaning.  In other words he’s either foolish, severely confused, or a hypocrite.  I don’t see why any need to be exclusive.  Scribbles will be called works of beauty and works of relative competence will be called scribbles.  There is no rhyme or reason and that is where he does his “work.”

The post in question is about how he lauds a pile of trash (exhibit A below) and calls a perfectly laudable painting (exhibit B below) as trash because one happens to agree with his politics and the other does not.

Exhibit A (click for more detail)

Exhibit B (click for more detail)

mr david then accuses the fans of the second painting of doing exactly what he wrote his blog post to do for the first painting!  Clearly he knows what he’s doing. but as the comments show the sheer hypocrisy enhances it for them all.

Then he accuses Trump supporters of being socialists making portraits of stalin.

Though we clearly aren’t dealing with a mental titan here, he thinks he is; and as Chesterton said:

“The secularists have not wrecked divine things; but the secularists have wrecked secular things, if that is any comfort to them. The Titans did not scale heaven; but they laid waste the world.”

Looking upon the carnage, apatoff sneers “at least Trump is not in office!”

My response specifically is to this post in the comments from “tom” who has no blog (mercifully), but it applies to everyone there:

It goes like this:

I think the most amusing thing about this play is the hypocrisy.  And yes, this is a play.  Not a good one, but has all the hallmarks.

you get on stage, you follow a badly written script, you say your lines on cue, you get your paycheck (though I am not sure of what you get?  more smugness?), say what is Beauty is “ugly,” what is political is “art,” what is ignorance is “strength,” and don’t forget to call the guy communists scream like demons about to be exorcised over as “the real communist.”  Screaming “I know you are but what am I!” as the curtain closes is what really causes the village voice to give the production an A+!

Oy vey.

the first piece is as puerile, childish pablum as it’s ideas.  the writer of the blog, and he seems to be just enough self-aware to project his qualities in a “freeze, polarize, politicize” and “accuse your enemies of what you do” kind of way.  this is seen especially when both Trump and anyone who DARE challenge “the revolution” as communist or socialist.

this is approaching demonic possession levels of inversion of Truth, but let’s move on.

The Trump painting is perfectly fine and it IS realistic.  The second looks like paintings of real people, that’s not up for discussion but it is apparently up for denial (let’s see how many Real things go away just because you were conditioned to irrationally hate them) and the first is as cartoonish as the views of people forcing the prisoner to say “there are three lights” all while accusing the prisoner of pointing a gun at him.  The blog, it’s posts, and the commentators here are exhibits A-n

But I think the most absurd and offensive comment is how you mangle the purpose of Beauty.  It isn’t pretension or for politics he sees as so default he don’t know he’s political (as our unfortunate blog writer had spent at least since 2006 doing).  No, Beauty feeds into Truth and then into Goodness.  you are attracted to the art in Rome because it feeds you.

The Church Created everything you know and take for granted and you lose it all without your Remaining Catholic Capital.  Beauty is just an entryway to seeing Truth and then Goodness.  you are being fed though you lie to yourself that somehow The Eternal And Absolute And Universal is somehow “not believed in.”

How many of your Civilizations that we made for you and gave you did we have to bury because you will tell any lie and do any knavery for the delusion that “ye will be like gods.”  the devil’s century ends and just so happens to Trump takes office, and you think the end of your “master” is because of Trump.  therefore Trump is attacked as if he made your attempt at apotheosis a lie; it was always a lie but lies cannot be held onto despite Reality,

So you will sneer stay The Church but still feed off of her like a starving man because you ARE no matter what words you use.  So if the art points to Reality, it is real no matter what “progressive” glow-words you use or what you think you are “progressing” towards (despite denying any direction or fixed points).

The point is: what is Real is Beautiful.  I think the Trump painting is beautiful not because it’s “message” but because it’s a fine piece of art; whereas everyone here is one-upping themselves to attack it like an ugly teen girl would make comments about the school jock.  I don’t need to agree with Trump to see that the painting captures pictures of real people in a way I can tell they are people.  you apparently do though, and THAT is a SERIOUS defect.

The painting of Trump is Beautiful because it shows The Image Of God, it shows real humans (might as well be a tracing like most art is these days) and would even if it was of someone the media demands you hate or not.  the cartoon pathetically put over it is a caricature lauded because a man who wants “to be like gods” needs moral support form his fellow travelers.

Here, let’s have a thought experiment:

– would you all still hate the painting of Trump if it was of someone else?  Of course not it’s very realistic.  this blog spent YEARS attacking bad cartoon art, but hypocrisy is the first child of political expediency.

– would you still hate it if it was a scene of sodomy or mass murder of politically unpopular people in this style?  barrack obama in a bathhouse with your nephew in that style would get a five post spread on “subversion” alone.

– if you painted something of that quality would you be howling over it?  Of course not, you couldn’t even put aside your egos for a blog post (I have no reason to consider the blog writer or any of the commenters as separate people) you would be demanding millions for it.

So what a pile!  Not just the new yorker cartoon, but the post itself pretending to attempt the art of writing.  Just say you don’t like Trump, no need to lie or call the sky green and the grass blue.  Just because this is just a blog (and therefore anything goes) doesn’t mean you have to be ridiculous!

“This isn’t real because I don’t agree with it!” might have worked for sophecles most of his life, but when Socrates refuted it neither the liar or the liar worshipers reacted kindly and neither do or will you.

I cross post this response to my blog in case dave is too chicken to allow it to post on his.

3 thoughts on “My Response to “David Apatoff” acting like a fool.

  1. Nigel my friend, since you claim to hate hypocrisy I hope you can answer the following question. I am very sincere, I have been unable to figure this out and you may be the only person who can answer me:

    How can conservative Christians embrace the most vulgar, profane and godless president we’ve ever had, a many of multiple divorces and countless affairs, who pays off porn stars to lie about their sexual exploits, who cheats the poor with fake charitable donations so that he is forced to disband his foundation for committing fraud, who is fined $25 million for defrauding the students of Trump university, who never went to church or read the bible in his life, and who comically mispronounces the basic books of the bible when he’s trying to sucker religious voters? I understand why Christian conservatives wanted to impeach Bill Clinton for his adultery, but why then are they such fans of Trump? Tell me, oh scholar of hypocrisy, how do you explain this?

    And since you claim to be a Catholic, here’s a bonus question for you: How can the same Catholic bishops who covered up decades of child molestation and pedophilia by Catholic priests, and who support a church that has committed all kinds of horrible crimes against the innocent, dating back to Pope Innocent III’s Albigensian crusade against the Cathars, try to expel the devout, religious Joe Biden on moral grounds? I need an expert on hypocrisy to help me here, and you may be one.


    1. the answer to the first is simple, evil incarnate:
      1) you are a very bad liar and accuse your enemies of what you do.
      2) your satanic “new world order” was never going to come about. Ever. EVER.

      the only person who supports more sins That Cry To Heaven For Vengeance than biden is hillary clinton.

      each Excomminicates Latae Senitentiae. each gets special punishment in h*ll worse than all else before it combined, and a bl**d price to be paid on earth even if you Repent. paid in full, individually with no limit for all Eternity and on earth. also causes immediate demonic p*ss*ssion and invites upon you a demon whose whole “thing” is to push (or try to force) you towards s*c*de before you can Repent.

      for the worst, that what you canaanites call “abortion,” each gets the personal attention of the devil, of which it is the ONLY thing that can.

      that you natter on about the cathari, a world ending satanic coven, that made sex and childbirth a capital crime and did unspeakable things (I assume this is what attracted you). the very same one God would have destroyed the entire universe to Protect The Church against had they not been defeated, as they are the true powers and principalities of the devil personified.

      I can see the “religion” you are speaking in glow terms of is none other than gnosticism and freemasonry and satanism. I reject you and all your works.

      The Church Is The Eternal, Indefectible, Immutable, Indestructible, And Most Of All Catholic Body And Bride Of Christ. The Church Is The Perfection Of Israel; everything Promised to Israel and more is Perfected In The Church after is was fulfilled in full.
      The Church was Created from Israel by The Holy Spirit in 33AD, there are centuries that both you and your heresiarch marcion to luther et al must hide and forget in order to “justify” what you know is wrong.

      So if The Church is “p*d*phillic” when She is:
      1) The Singular Place where ANY sexual sin, ESPECIALLY pedophilia, happens the least.
      2) The ONLY Place that actually rejects it totally and has an actual argument against it.

      And if The Church is “satanic” and yet is:
      1) The Body And Bride Of Christ, of whom there is NO SALVATION OUTSIDE OF HER!
      2) The VAST MAJORITY Of The Church Is In Heaven AS HEAVEN HERSELF!
      3) The Place that has not one presence in hell and that demons cannot harm and are deathly afraid of.

      then I suppose you can also damn yourself by BILLIONS of counts of all the sins That Cry To Heaven For Vengeance at once all while doing so further into claiming that “god” is fundamentally evil and forces you into earth to suffer just so you can go to a “heaven” indistinguishable from hell. all while “abandoning” “his” Church that you openly claim “he” has no part in.

      All despite:
      1) The Church Is The Body And Bride Of Christ, Who Is God.
      2) God Is At The Head Of The Church.
      3) God WILL Do ANYTHING To Protect The Church, even erasing the vast majority of Humanity with multiple collapses and Deluges (one you are about to face in a few years).

      so you claim that “god” demands you to get out of The Ship God Himself not only Made for your Salvation as your ONLY Means To Salvation, but to get out of said Ship right before a gigantic wave is about to hit the universe.

      That doesn’t sound like God, that sounds like someone (or a former someone) who wants you d*ad and d*mned in the worst way possible.

      of course, your “god” is the devil, and you were a liar and a m*derer like your “father” from the start.


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