Like Chesterton said, “what is wrong with the world is that no one asks what is right.”  Like Chesterton also said, “reformers are usually right about what is wrong but always wrong about what is right.”

So what is right?  Meekness!  Lack of meekness is what is wrong with the world.  Meekness is to do what you ought to.  Be loud when you need to be loud, but no more.  Be silent when you need to be silent, but no more.  Be angry when you need to and fight only enough to neutralize the threat, then no more.

What is wrong?  That’s going to take longer to explain!

I made the mistake of posting on this “carlsbad blog” again.  Then I find out about a twitter dogpile because I decided to comment there.  One I wouldn’t have even noticed if not for a very unfortunate nihilist quote-retweeting me (so thank you!).

After a long toleration of banality, I decided to write this as an addendum to this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this:

“capitalism is and always was industrialized communism.

the goal was for the locke-lenmings to steal as much as they could, and then use that to pay for their leviathan. there was never any other goal, and the system was never designed to last longer than that.

the enemy is easily understood, the problem you see might be that the real enemy is closer to you than you find comfortable having destroyed.

this is why the “dissident right” hates and banalizes anything Catholic, all while sneering about how pointing out the hypocrisy of the left is pointless.

The first is because while people try to imprison Catholics in your paradigm, we are Beyond it and so the whole system is not as all-controlling as locke promised you,

The second is that, No, it isn’t pointless, as that is how people on the left wake up.  The problem is more along the lines of “if you are pointing out the hypocrisy on the left, you may come to make a hobby of pointing out the hypocrisy on the ‘right.’”

both left and right have an inner circle and outer circle, the problem is:

1) that the inner circle for both is the same people, though bout outer circles deny the existence of the inner circle for different reasons.  the left denies it because of brainwashing, the right denies it because of ambition and ego.

2) the inner circle is so far away from the right that the people on the right believe they are a burgeoning inner circle rather than an outdated, displaced outer circle.  the right believes itself and automatic Virtuous foil to the left, rather than a purposeful component of the hegelian dialectic where the coven believes conflict legitimizes everything.  if you are too busy fighting the “other,” you can’t see or refuse to look that you are both being controlled by two different hands of the same pupeteer.

3) the devil operates by reactions.  the devil cannot make direct orders, as no one would listen, and has no power to compel or do anything; therefore the devil makes groups insufferable by corrupting their weakness so that a “reactionary group” comes to destroy the former.  the reactionary group is the devil’s goal (if a corpse can have a goal, that is).

An example?  feminism.  the devil HATES women, more than you could imagine.  therefore in an attempt to wipe out women once and for all, the devil made weak women stupid, demonic, and insufferable.  the goal being that frustrated men would “react” by giving the feminists all their worst fears in revenge; which is what the devil wanted all along.

master manipulators know, that true comes when you make your victims believe they came up with the ideas you planted in their heads.  this is no different, all demonic oppression, obsession, and possession are fundamentally abusive relationships and operant conditioning.

therefore the horrid ideal of the neopagan “dissident right” is what the devil wanted all along.  as with all evils, they just could never take hold because of The Remaining Catholic Capital of the world.  this the heart of why the “dissident right” banalizes all things Catholic.”

Needless to say I talk about this a lot and it’s important not only to me but in general!  My enemies cannot argue against me, and so they sneer from afar.  When I find them and answer again they go dead silent.

So what’s wrong?  Well, remember Meekness.  This takes immense concentration and awareness, it takes Responsibility.  Therefore the world hates Meekness just as much as it worships sin.  this worship of sin and hatred of Meekness is called one thing: “effeminacy.”

effeminacy is marked by licentiousness, hyper-aggression, and fixation on pleasure over obligation.  there is nothing that the modern “man movement” doesn’t do to precisely inculcate a generation of scared boys into this effeminacy trap.  this is the actual “toxic masculinity” killing the world.  it’s a poison that pretends to be masculine, taken by fatherless boys demanded to “be men” despite having no idea what that means because of feminist single mothers.

Therefore “toxic masculinity” actually IS what is wrong with the world, but real “toxic masculinity” (as lambasted by Men’s Rights groups back in the 80’s) and not falsehood attacked by feminists today.  feminists love real “toxic masculinity,” because without effeminate men they would not exist.

the feminist single mother is helpless in desperate attraction aginst the feeble might of abusive men, and so the boy seeks to not just adopt the sins of the father but to surpass them to try to attact a new mommy.  The boy has no other role model, so simultaneously seeks to emulate the abusive father through the lens of his abused mother.  without a Father, the boy turns to media, and the media leads him astray even more.  the media simultaneously says that “roles” don’t exist, all while groveling before effeminate men who spit commands with a grasp on Goodness simultaneously limp but with engorged muscles.  split in twain beside himself, with nowhere else to go, the boy becomes a predator not knowing how to be a man; seeing as he is just propagating the situation he grew up in, he insists to himself this is how things should be.  there is no one in his life to tell him otherwise, and should one try to enter, he will lash out in hatred and anger as if his “will to power” is being stolen from him.

Quod Deus Vult perdere, Prius dementat.

People have been conditioned to believe media.  “romantic comedies” have taught girls to be sexually attracted to men apologizing for evils and strife women cause.  action movies wrongly taught foolish men that violence is the only solution; the world then prevented these brainwashed men from being violent to make them feel helpless.  a helpless man then finds other ways to “assert dominance” like the media taught him.  just like how the world keeps saying men are monsters, and so women assume abusive, effeminate boys are “real men” whom they internally pine for.  the effeminate boy abandons the feminist girl, then process then repeats for one more generation.  the boy emulates his father through his mother and the cycle continues.

Again, Quod Deus Vult perdere, Prius dementat.

this is why the “dissident right” and evangelical protestantism alike, with its desperation to weight lifting and gladiator movies, has done a terrifying job of reviving the San Francisco “meat markets” of the 1980’s and nothing else.

the “bronze age pervert” (an open pagan and sodomite who grooms desperate teen boys without Fathers in their lives) once claimed that “night clubs” are a hidden trove of “far right bacchanalia.”

If there is such a thing as “far right” bacchanalia then what is the point of having a “right wing” at all?  just to have a blue flag against a red one, with no other differences?

The point is simple: it’s just a trap for a different kind of pervert than the left.  right or left only exist as a dialectic to control the weak.  each side has their sins, and each side defends their sins violently using the excuse that they are just too busy fighting the other side to fix themselves.

worse is when the “dissident right” demands its own “virtues” by claiming it has revived ancient roman paganism, when all of the collapse of the modern world is precisely because liberalism IS ancient roman paganism.  both sides eagerly do the same thing, in the same way, and demand they are separate because of little more than fashion choice.

since pagans are both as banal as they are fatalistic, such minor differences like the choice between hair dye and hair gel really are as significant as Life and death in their screwed up minds… And so the devil marches his army not from his own side, but from the “reaction” against his side.  Both right and left HATE God And His Church, because both right and left are the two pincers of one claw.

All it takes is a bit of Meekness to see why.  Do as you ought to in all ways and you will instantly find just how eager the world lashes out at you.  Go to what the world fears most and you will find God and Billions of Real Men and Real Women waiting for you at Home like the parents you never had.

9 thoughts on “On Meekness, nominalism, action movies, effeminacy, and how the worst problem in the world is actually “toxic masculinity” after all!

  1. >So what is right? Meekness! Lack of meekness is what is wrong with the world. Meekness is to do what you ought to. Be loud when you need to be loud, but no more. Be silent when you need to be silent, but no more. Be angry when you need to and fight only enough to neutralize the threat, then no more.

    Such resonant words! I thank you for articulating what has been circling in my head for a while. “Do what must be done”

    Of course, I had thought it only because it was of Him, for I am His! I thank you for your production of this post- you have made me realize that the enemies of the Church are wrong because they are the enemies of the Church, and for no other reason. He is the center, and all truth is defined by proximity to His Truth, to Holy Mother Church.


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