I was just thinking about how tesla went public supporting abortion, and how Good (or at least mediocre) people started being fooled by elon musk for a while there.  people must realize elon musk has referred to himself as the antichrist multiple times; the “elect” (there’s a LOW bar!) were certainly fooled, but is elon the antichrist?  No.  he WISHES he was, but isn’t!

elon isn’t the antichrist.  PERIOD.

klaus schwab and jacob de rothschild aren’t a dual prophets of the antichrist.  PERIOD!

freemasons and satanists aren’t the antichurch.  PERIOD (though believe me they are smarting over that)!!!

they THINK they are, ACT like they are, WANT to be so badly though!  But they aren’t.  El.  Oh.  El.  All of that nonsense over HUNDREDS of years, and for what?  Nothing.  All they were ever going to get, really, but they had some people going for a while.

just like liberals DESPERATELY wanted the “vaccine” to be the mark of the beast.  gatekept and ostracized people it like it was, worshiped it as their ultimate anti-sacrament, even Catholic Priests were supporting it as their final act of weakness and submission before satan.  it was like Revelations was happening right before us, as “abortion” itself made flesh!  the blood of cain concentrated, marketed, and forced!  Was really all that?  No.  Believe me, they WANTED it to be; SO, SO BAD!  It just wasn’t.  Clever playacting though for about 18 months straight, some professional actors can’t even keep in character between thirty second shots but mankind was simultaneously method acting like they needed it to breathe on all sides, so bravo!

the elites thought it (like communism, or freemasonry, or satanism, or rock music, or drugs, or mass fornication, or pornography, or any other banal nonsense they have tried between 1917-2017) would be their ultimate killer of mankind!  the tool of final “control” over life and death!  the summation apotheosis of the devil’s lie of “ye will be like gods!”  the key to the immanentized eschaton.  they would be the villains the cartoons warned us about and that trashy japanese roleplaying games trumpeted against GOD!  Was it?  Clearly not.

No, it isn’t, but they obviously WANTED it to be!  Upon realizing the devil went silent in 2009, and the demons went silent in 2017, and witnessing all their plans proven to be so much shit; the worldwide coven thought forcing it was enough.  Even some Holy people got in on the act, because running around with your hair on fire is a wonderful excuse to claim fatalism and do nothing of value; though not a valid one.  It’s easy to be a doomsayer; not much harder to be a problem solver, but that takes effort and Columbo is on tv and I’ve got a raid on Friday!  Ugh.  Easy to claim the end is nigh, harder to Pray A Rosary and volunteer to help the poor.

So easy to die, so hard to live.

in leiu of the real devil who went silent in 2009, they would make a digital one.  in leiu of a real antichrist and antichurch, every billionaire and every worldwide corporation would each get 15 minutes to pretend to be it in the hope that one would stick.  in leiu of the end times, they would just kill a bunch of people, put on a worldwide school play, and hope God would force the end out of disgust.

In Scripture it is stated that in the real end times, men and women who are damned will not be able to be told apart.  Oh the coven gave pantomiming that one the old college try, but very clearly no one was fooled.  Like I said, it was all a pantomime, and lazy people on both sides so wanted it to be real because getting to live longer than the next week means you have to start cleaning up the mess you made  so you can get back to normal.

the devil’s century ended in 2017, the current devil worshipers don’t want to come to terms with the fact that it was never them prophesied.  protestants want The End Times because they will believe “rapture” (an idea invented out of whole cloth by john henry in the 1800’s) will whisk them away so they won’t have to do any actual work.

I imagine it is hard in a way to be the villain of real life, all of them each the worst but stuck in a faceless hivemind and indistinguishable from the other.  Even harder to be a tortured, helpless “hero” in a world with problems so skin deep that “Go to Church, no sex out of wedlock, Get Married, Have Lots Of Babies” fixes 99% of them.

If we really were in the soup, like it may seem from the perspective of those in the cities, the quiet boonies wouldn’t look like Leave It To Beaver.

each of the wicked ones of the world thought they’d be the “ultimate evil,” and many “nice” people went along with it because it’s easier to pity yourself than do your job as a Parent, but really were all just fools who believed a bad lie by arrogance.

try as they might, they all perish into obscurity, never being able to achieve what their satanic myths claimed; because the myths were both lying AND we are not anywhere near The End Times.  Nor were lousy Christians able to get out of their job so easily by consigning themselves to death in front of a glowing screen showing “friends” reruns.

the devil’s century was the fourth seal and fourth horseman; fifth seal gets broken 2029.  Like Promised, a quarter of all Humanity (specifically The Most Innocent and most of our heroes) would be murdered during the reign of the fourth horseman (satan himself wearing no mask), and there were well over 2,000,000,000 “abortions” between 1970 and 2017 alone.  There’s about 8 billion people in the world, guess how many a quarter of that is.

As was Prophesied, The Three Days In Darkness would come 12 years after the devil’s century ended, and so all the evil in the world gets wiped out by The Three Days In Darkness then.  Ho hum.  Very bad for their ambitions, worse for the “nice” people who get taken with them, but for the rest it will be the most routine thing and the golden age following will be so peaceful that people will eventually go mad and bring about the real End Times hundreds of years from now.

So this is why some think climate apocolypse” happens in 2029: their worldly masters “sold their souls” for “knowledge” and the demons HAD to say something to keep the grift going, but demons cannot tell The Truth or even know it.  demons CAN see a giant end looming in the distance, but they can’t tell it’s only theirs and their followers.

I posit that The Fifth Age (the time after The Three Days In Darkness; We are in The Fourth Age now) will be a world totally without demons until just before the end, and that the true evil will prove to be the sin of mankind with demons on the sidelines as incompetent and useless as ever.

the devil was promised an hour of God’s Day, and his “hour” lasted 100 years.  Pope Leo XIII was pulled from his room to witness to Heaven to momentarily witness the devil promisin that he could destroy The Church in 100 years and God agreed to let him try.

If the significance of 100 years escapes you, in the ancient world a “generation” was 20 years.

Why?  Age 7 Is The Age Of Reason, where a person becomes responsible for their actions.  Age 13 Is The Age Of Adulthood.  7+13 is 20: the minimum time it takes for you to be born, become self-aware, grow up, Marry, have your own kid, have your kid become self-aware, have your kid grow up, have your kid Marry, and then your Grandchildren!

Five generations (5*20=100) is the ancient marker for when time goes from modernity to history.

You experience something, you tell your grandchildren, they tell their children, and they tell their children.  If you live a long time, you might meet your great grandchildren (generation 4), but rarely will you meet generation 5, and so generation 5 is the cutoff point for where ONLY second or third hand information is possible!  Therefore History.

the devil (a rather old little… word that rhymes with maggot) was claiming that he could destroy The Church in 1917, and hold the world hostage for 100 years until people forgot The Church existed at all.

Didn’t work (I Or ANY Catholic could have told you that beforehand!) and to make matters worse, Pope St John Paul II destroyed the par excellence version of the devil’s powers and principalities (communism) in the sixty-sixth year of the devil’s own century (1980)!  This is why demons are afraid of the name of Pope St John Paul II even more than they are of The Blessed Virgin Mary (demons don’t fear God because they consider it an honor to be beaten by God Himself, but FREAK at the idea of losing to a Human woman; and they REALLY HATE women!).  Not only did they lose halfway through, they lost in a timeframe that references the mark of the beast!

No need to keep around a failure in any respect. this was the chance ALL the machinations of the devil worked towards, for untold milenia; ended just like that. Ha. Ha.  Just because evil wants something doesn’t mean they get it, and never have they gotten anything that they did want.  Why would this be different?

So what does stay?

We’re clearly looking at 2333AD as the earliest (not surprising as the number 333 is the mark of the coven, whereas 666 is the mark of their beast) and 4317AD at the latest for when The End actually is.  It will happen on a Sunday, because Sunday takes place in Eternal Time and The First Day was on Sunday too.

What does that mean?  All of the evil of today, is:

  1. not the ultimate evil they thought they were.
  2. was going to get wiped out for fun no matter what, planned even before they were born.

ALL this evil unto futility, all by secondhand rumors; filling in blanks with what they always use: with whatever wishful thinking and falsehood appealed to their ego at the time.

dying as they “lived” in a fantasy world, but yet never being alive. just like the demons they worshiped.

Heh.  Close curtain, I bore of this play.  Let’s get back to Real Life, Okay?

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