I recently responded to this tweet wondering about how estrogen effects a woman being “conservative” as she grows older.  I explained why (because it’s rather simple) but twitter then immediately shadowbanned me.  If it frightens demons that much, it’s worth repeating here.

Someone had posted a link to a rather pointless study that showed a direct correlation between high testosterone and both “conservative views” and Happiness.  No sane man is shocked, but “peer review” does not exist for the benefit of the sane.

A “sarah eaglesfield” then wondered if her own change to be more “conservative” in 2018 had anything to do with her own aging process of lowering estrogen.

I responded yes, and explained it as such:

estrogen makes you worship status and be hyper-aggressive.

with it dropping you stopped being compliant merely based on social status, and stopped looking for people (just anyone) to hurt.

this is not all though.

also occurs in childbirth, which is so traumatic it physically destroys a part of your brain that not only reinforces those acts but makes you interested in “girlish” things (like chasing popular boys who will abuse you & taking for granted the people in your life) to begin with.

Intellect comes from the soul, and your sin corrupts you; your brain is little more than a switch box. God purposely makes Childbirth and Child-Rearing so painful that it just crushes the parts of your brain that could cause real damage by allowing a specific type of female sin to continue to express itself.

Therefore (most) women as they age become more virtuous but also become more sane, and unable to do the damage they did as a girl.This is easily confirmed by mere observation of Women.

Now this is not true for every woman.  One could say that some are “just weak,” or some are “just too sinful for any practical solution to solve,” but I think that isn’t it.  I think the real reason is that many females never become women, ever, and merely become and remain wrinkled girls their whole life.

Therefore this change of aging never occurs because they never age!  Sure the clock changes, the calendar changes, but they are stuck; possibly as a punishment.  Too many people confuse actual maturity with the mere corruption and rotting of a mortal human body over time.

This could also explain the popularity of the “anti-aging” movement.  Started in the 1950’s when doctors began pushing mass-circumcision to ensure mass-compliance; that’s another essay all on its own, but even moses maimonodes says this is the real reason talmudics practice non-Biblical, full-foreskin circumcision like mohammedans do (even quoting the talmud in the process, which just outright admits it!).

Ever-ghoulish cosmetics companies were then ever-eager to buy up all the foreskins and grind them up to make “anti-wrinkle creams” to “stop aging” (In case you wanted to know what you actually rub on your face, lady bathory).

In the 1970’s, those same cosmetics companies began buying up the corpses of Babies Martyred in The Womb to replace the foreskins in the more expensive, VERY-purposely satanically-named “miracle creams” (m’lady bathory); with a similar demand to “never age again” increasing only from there.

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