So it’s June again!  The Month Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus!  You know what that means… another year of satanists trying to invent festivals to put on Holy Days!  Ugh.

So why do I care?  I don’t.  What I do care about is that two characters in a game I play are being changed to fit an agenda, and that irks me.  A lot of things are irking a lot of people these days.  Frog boiling is always a dangerous game for the one whose hand is caught on the stove knob.

So what the hell is going on?

Well I like playing a game called “league of legends wild rift.”  Two of my favorite characters to play as are “twisted fate” (a teleporting gypsy who throws exploding cards like gambit from the x-men) and “graves” (a gruff, “angel-eyes”-looking bounty hunter with a gigantic shotgun).  Previously they were inseparable friends, brothers in arms, and two parts of a bounty hunting duo that was kind of like if ennio mariconne directed a buddy-cop movie from the 80’s taking place in the 1700’s carribean.

Well what are they now?  Well apparently they are getting “married” this month in game (because of course they are).  I sincerely don’t understand why people guilty of sins That Cry To Heaven For Vengeance have to insert satanic rituals on top of their other acts, but that’s another article.

Is this really just pandering though?  Maybe, but I don’t think so.  I think this is actually a systemic problem with the most recent two generations.  Let me explain.

I have always been amused with how religiously (everyone has to have a religion, pity for them it’s this one) the more recent generations cannot accept brotherhood or the mere existence of dedicated friends and allies between men.  Why?  I have to assume it’s the same as when rock hudson said he was so alone as a child and no other boys wanted to be his friends, and so felt his innate desire for male-on-male companionship could only be solved by acting like his flamboyant, loose mother.  That lie only made it worse for him, but that inability to understand eros is not Love or Brotherhood left him with a life of neuroses and worse than eventually led to him ending his own life.

Sad how an entire two generation of kids were groomed by a dedicatedly-predatory corporate-government complex into going down that same dark path.  Like Chesterton said, one cannot keep their religion out of their work; and all books are “propaganda” for whatever the author Truly believes in.

Therefore it’s not just pandering or sodomy-worship, it’s a team of writers expressing themselves.  Many gen X, Y, and Z people cannot understand true friendship because child sex abuse (and it is been epidemic since the 1970’s) makes you consumed with sex and unable to truly Love.  Without the ability to Love, how can a man understand what it is like to stand next to another man and say “I’ll die for you Brother, you can trust me.”

multiple generations were so raped into submission that they cannot think past holes and what to stick in them, and so they honestly emote that “brotherhood” is just a “homophobic” lie and they honestly emote that there can be no male-on-male interaction besides eros.  I use “emote” instead of think, because people like this don’t do any thinking at all.

Hire these people to write a story, and you get a story written by the writers.  Shocking I know.

So what will I cheer on though?  Since wild rift is so popular in Asia, the obligatory goldman-sachs-eque “rainbow flag” event in that game is so censored and out of the way that not only does it provide such little rewards but it is 100% optional.  So far is it out of the way you have to click through multiple menus to even interact with it.

Going by last years event, it wasn’t anymore obtrusive than this one.

So therefore I cheer on the restraint this company is using at least for this mobile game title!  Even if it’s only restrained because a ccp gun is pointed at riot games (the producer of wild rift)’s head.  The misfit from O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” was wrong about everything in his life but one thing: that being the line that it’s easier to act like a Saint when you have a gun perpetually pointed at your head.

Even more heartening (the event is little more than playing 10 matches with gemstone-named icons, that apparently represent flags dedicated to different kinds of sodomizing) is that I don’t see any of the icons in my games!  There it is, the hegemony demands adherence, and if given an actual choice in the matter then no one actually cares about “pride month.”

There was a study a while back about how men seeing other men “kiss” evokes an even more visceral revulsion than seeing maggots eating a rotting corpse.  No one who knows people is shocked about that; Shame is and always will be The Natural Response to doing the unnatural, and even demons run in fear of sodomy just because All Creation Lives By Natural Law and dies by denial of it.

Reminds me of the tweet by famous meme guy “Count Donkula” where he was handed a “pride flag” on a stick while going on the tube; he couldn’t say no to the flag or put it away because that’s a legitimate “hate crime” in his country to even play neutral now.  He described just sitting there in the tram with his little flag just stewing with rage he was trying but failing to hide, looking around and seeing all the other people on the train awkwardly trying to hide their stewing as well.  He described it as “literally 1984,” but it’s actually “brave new world.”

Orwell’s “1984” was about communism as it actually existed in 1949, and sodomy is a capital crime in communism so it doesn’t apply here much.  Huxley’s “brave new world” was about the abolition of Mankind being hidden behind a push for forced sexual sin at gunpoint and unlimited government-sponsored drugs, so that is right on the money!  Special mention to Bradbury’s “fahrenheit 451″ which not only predicted the existence of digital media and the internet and social media, but that Humanity would give up every God-Given Natural Rights because digital media / online shopping was cheaper than physical and social media gave the appearance of being famous.

The biggest irony of this whole tangent?  I recall that the memer count himself is “same-sex-attracted!”

I remember sodomites being baffled by the liberal push for “same-sex marriage” because sodomites have no “exclusivity.”  Little did they know that “same-sex marriage” is actually the second worst satanic ritual of all, and so sodomites were never consulted because it wasn’t even about them.

hell, even hitler himself was a male-on-male prostitute AND every founding member of the nazi party was a sodomite as well; ernst rohm even met hitler in the first place in the back of a cabaret club.  first generation nazis were teen boys kicked out of their homes by their Parents for being sodomites, and so the militaristic rohm took them in and provided them food, shelter, finely crafted uniforms, and anal rape for the “price” of going around beating jewish skulls in during the day.

Even sodomites will go mad and fly into a rage at the sight of demons; taking everyone out in their path, even if they aren’t involved with said demons.

So where does this go?  Something is going to break, and soon, and it will be bloody.

Speaking of jews though, Hillaire Belloc even wrote a whole book in 1911 (called “The Jews”) accurately predicting every aspect of both the holocaust and nazi party some 20 years before hitler was even a public name.  How?  Belloc was a dedicated student of History; and while the whole of History doesn’t repeat, it does “rhyme” VERY closely.

Of course the book, despite it’s title, isn’t actually about jewish people; escaped meshevik jews were simply declaring themselves an unquestionable “protected class” in 1910 europe.  The book is about how every group in Human History that has been massacred has first declared themselves a “protected class.”

Hilaire Belloc even provides a solution at the end of the book: Humor.  Hillaire says if jews just suck it up and let people vent their frustrations over “the other” by joking around, then people will be willing to put up with anything.  Without humor though, there is bloodshed; and there is not one iota of evidence throughout ALL History to disprove that.

People wouldn’t even mind sodomites much if you could mock sodomites.  People would even be friends with them.  Of course self-hatred demands total adherence, and so there will be no friendly, steam-release mocking but there will be blood in every street one day soon over it.

This day also has a more personal meaning to me; two years ago to this day I was banned permanently from twitter for defending The Church against two irish sodomites claiming that The Church is full of “pedophilia.”  I told The Truth, they lied, but I was separated from over 1000 people that Prayed for my Grandmother as she was being murdered by the hospital she was neglected in to cover up their crime.

I told The Truth, but was silenced because it was inconveniencing to rhetoric of the satanic coven.  I didn’t even like twitter, and was even relieved by the ban, but it still enraged me.  Now imagine that rage piling up for years and in places more important and real than twitter.

God Himself said to the pharisees who wanted Him to shut up and stay silent, that all Creation was so enraged by the sin of Humanity that if He didn’t Come and Speak then “all the rocks and the trees would at-once cry out.”  Not even terrain or the planet or the stars are immune from this rage, and since they cannot speak at all it only boils.

censorship has preceded every single massacre, even the fall of the devil and the demons was spirit supremacists furious into a murderous rage over not being able to criticize God’s Creation of Humanity.

There has never been one variation to this in all time.  Just like we could only get rid of slavery with a civil war, we will never get rid of the worst sin possible and worst satanic ritual of all called “abortion” without an even bloodier civil war.

The rage over being forced to celebrate sodomy though?  THAT will be worse than any civil war.

Why would this be different?

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