GK Chesterton mocked lapsed Catholics and St Thomas Aquinas knew andrew tate before he was born.

In the least shocking news of all time, I was informed that famed emaciated teen boy, harem-enthusiast, and eye-shadow-connoisseur andrew tate has "converted" to some flavor of mohammedanism.  In other words, andrew tate finally figured out his strange preaching of fornication and carnal muscle-worship isn't actually Christian and never was!

St Charbel Makhlouf, Existential horror, “Elden Ring,” “Blade Runner 2049,” and how “Dragon Quest: Your Story” is the best horror movie I have seen.

Existential horror is a genre I don’t think has many takers.  I suppose there are a few that could qualify, but none seem to “get it” enough to try.  “Dragon Quest: Your Story” is one try though.

A Priest once described horror media as “a celebration of ugliness.”  This is true.

Existential horror is a genre that could then easily be described as “a grieving over lost Beauty.”

God, St Theresa Of Calcutta and GK Chesterton vs “jsprockerman,” christopher hitchens, and all other liars and forces of hell.

Today is a day that ends in the letter "y," and so moderns and post-moderns alike are all out unforgivably blaspheming God And His Church via attacks on St Theresa Of Calcutta.  Why?  Same reason as any of the others on any other Catholic throughout all History: a strange, feeble vengeance and hatred against anyone who has the radical notion that Love, Absolute Truth, Natural Law exist, and anyone who admits the Real existence of both pain and death.

What is the reprobate mind?

I was just summarily banned from another forum online, this time for "hate speech" for the simple "crime" of "existing while Catholic" (more specifically just correcting some blasphemy against Catholics and my Mentor Venerable Fulton Sheen.  Just before I got banned I said the most enjoyable thing, that perfectly encapsulates what a "reprobate" is.

“triangle strategy,” insanity, and ChesterBelloc: why do you keep making these stories?

I rarely write about video games because frankly they aren’t worth writing about, but the recent “triangle strategy” just gets my goat. Ignoring the gameplay, the story and themes of this game are just pablum making it unplayable.  It’s like I’m being forcefed hg wells’ suicide note just to be able to play more twee grid-based strategy. Why do these stories keep being made?

On Meekness, nominalism, action movies, effeminacy, and how the worst problem in the world is actually “toxic masculinity” after all!

Like Chesterton said, “what is wrong with the world is that no one asks what is right.”  Like Chesterton also said, “reformers are usually right about what is wrong but always wrong about what is right.”

So what is right?  Meekness!  Lack of meekness is what is wrong with the world.  Meekness is to do what you ought to.  Be loud when you need to be loud, but no more.  Be silent when you need to be silent, but no more.  Be angry when you need to and fight only enough to neutralize the threat, then no more.

What is wrong?  That's going to take longer to explain!