G.K. Chesterton and A Letter of Formality

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to contact customer service of a company I have (most likely mistakenly) bought the products of. After being given in return a form letter and an offer to go screw myself, I was also opted in to the opportunity to give a survey on my experience. Whoops.

G.K. Chesterton and The Romance of Orthodoxy

I may post quotes from time to time. The first one will be my favorite quote of all. One far too long to ever be quoted normally, and one that cannot be easily found anywhere online. The only link to it I had ever managed was only half of the quote and posted to the tumblr blog of a 21 year-old girl. This lead to many obnoxious people on multiple sites I used the link on thinking I was a 21 year-old girl in the desperate hope they could "identity politics" their way out of coming up with an argument against me.