GK Chesterton mocked lapsed Catholics and St Thomas Aquinas knew andrew tate before he was born.

In the least shocking news of all time, I was informed that famed emaciated teen boy, harem-enthusiast, and eye-shadow-connoisseur andrew tate has "converted" to some flavor of mohammedanism.  In other words, andrew tate finally figured out his strange preaching of fornication and carnal muscle-worship isn't actually Christian and never was!

CityBureaucrat, TellYourSonThis, Bronze Age Pervert, oh my! : On the “alt-right” and other things that have no right to exist whatsoever.

A sad man spits upon Catholicism in the middle of his own degenerative condition to refer to anything above his mere ego and sexual sin as "ideology" and anything above his low thought processes as "hypocrisy."

Seems the marxists are angry that their specific race isn't in power anymore.