I just saw one of the more disgusting comments on a blog I am somehow subscribed to.  Let me answer it here where censorship is nonexistent (that I know of).


I got this email this morning of this comment:


How prototypically soviet.  The user is “Paul Braterman” who is apparently someone equitable to Chesterton’s description in his own autobiography of clarence darrow.  Something along the lines of “In America, I met a man who appeared to be having a perpetual row with his fundamentalist maiden aunt and I was not impressed.”

My response is this:

Ah, yes, the typical response to one whose self-divinity has been questioned.  Give them a chance to grovel at your feet before you send them to the gulag.  How “kind” in a totalitarian way.

The questioning only goes on because you reject the Truth and hope asking a question repeatedly will give a different answer.  Their questions go unanswered because you cannot answer them honestly without refuting yourself.

Live out your grasping while you can, it is your “reward” after all.

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