The first post I will reply to by ark is so horrifying I can hardly wonder how this man is still alive.

My Reply is this:

It took me quite a while to realize what you were trying to say with the last word there. Apparently you are trying to blaspheme “Dominus Vobiscum,” which is Latin for “Lord God Be With you.” I can understand why a possessed man would not like that.

My Face is Lovely. you see your reflection in the mirror of my soul, and you lash out at yourself. your curses are sent back to whence they came and then upon you, and then you together are sent back to whence they came. By My Final Authority, I wipe myself and humanity clean of you.

yes, yes, inversion of Truth is consistent in your writings. how long have you been possessed? by what demon? how many? are you “perfectly possessed?”

I don’t think you are perfectly possessed, you are in clear pain here. if you were, you would show no signs of that pain.

The Church is cleanest of what you personally do.

When The Church Consecrates land, that land is set aside by God as a transcendent point between Creation and Heaven. What is loosed on earth is loosed in Heaven, refers to The Church being given authority over Creation, and so all The Church does legitimately is as if God Himself did it.

The Church gives away 99% of all its money every year.

the “contraceptives” (a mortal sin of itself and a gateway to the worst sin of all and worst satanic ritual of all) are the cause of aids, as they do nothing but dupe predators like you into rape and degradation.

you accuse The Church of your personal sodomy and pedophilia against Children, all in the hopes it will passive-aggressively harm me in your attempt to Martyr The Innocent in effigy of God. For what you do to me, you do it to ALL of us. Every human in The Church, every human in Purgatory, All Saints, All Angels, and to All Three Persons Of God.

For this crime of yours, you incur one count of the third worst sin That Cries To Heaven For Vengeance of blasphemy per ALL in Church Militant, Church Suffering, and Church Triumphant.

you then incur by your actions and intent, the worst sin That Cries To Heaven For Vengeance of trying to Martyr The Innocent in effigy of God. one count per ALL in Church Militant, ALL in Church Suffering, and ALL in Church Triumphant.

each of these incurs special punishment in h*ll worse than all else before it combined, AND each a blood price that MUST be paid here on earth even if you Repent; this is the price for all sins That Cry To Heaven For Vengeance and increases in severity the worse ones you do.

fear of evil leads you to worship evil. you begin with the capital sin of pride (spiritual pride), which is the delusion that your wishful thinking allows you to steal Divine Will. evil is stronger than the weak, but nothing compared to the strong, and spiritual pride is the greatest weakness. the weak then think evil is “all-powerful” simply because it is stronger than them, all because they refuse to get rid of the delusion that they are “greater” than God simply because of a bad though they aren’t smart enough or strong enough to get rid of. therefore they think evil is “stronger” than God simply because it is stronger than them, when in reality evil is just an absence; a malfunction of a dying soul as it rots away.

with this you try to damn me in your place by projection.

Up to his old totalitarian tricks though. One can only hope he will grow a pair one day and let me talk. I have no interest in speaking to him at all, but I hope to at least have a chance to answer the people viciously attacking me.

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