Apparently the “alt-right” has become so self-referential and established that it has a new name, but what is this new group same as the old group?

I already talked about the neopaganism of the “stoic” groomer-gym-rats or pretend-“vikings” that we called “the alt-right” pre-2020, but a post-trump era calls for a post-trump “alt-right.”

Basically they are the left but with a different mask.  their myopic points are very consistent with the world and all its lies, and think fixating on it will hide them from what is real.  Just look at “carlsbad1819” doing everything he can to make excuses for the “enlightenment” so he can make some pot shots at “the jews.”  I don’t think he is entirely bad, just looking in the wrong place for certain things.

One reason I think “the dissident right” is so popular among otherwise intelligent people is because it’s a complex solution.  Hard to boast of one’s ego when the real solution is so simple that anyone can understand it.  In order to maintain the intellectual establishment, one has to take a few wrong turns for the sake of the status quo.

Like Dr John C Rao said:

The life of learning is all too often accompanied by a paralysis of the will. This is partly due to the scholar’s knowledge of the complexities of reaching definite conclusions, and it is partly owed to a fear that his own importance as a hunter would diminish should truth be actually attained. Paralysis frequently ends in bringing ridicule upon the whole concept of truth seeking, especially if the teachings that have been entertained by the truth seeker are shown to have arisen from humble and non-academic sources. We have already seen this in the reaction to Christianity of some of the educated ancient members of the GCSQ, horrified that men of their own class could be waylaid by the Faith of insignificant fishermen.

Such considerations make the actions of the Three Wise Men all the more brilliant. Arriving from the cradle of civilization, they carried with them the esoteric wisdom of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Persia. Given that the East had been partially Hellenized after the conquests of Alexander the Great, they might be taken as symbols of ancient Greek wisdom, with all its promise and problems, as well. These men could have been expected to stay at home, continue their research, and await workshop reports after noticing the Star of Bethlehem. In the meantime, they would certainly have enjoyed the power that they possessed and the support of rhetorical sophists eager to justify and give it a noble pedigree in exchange for three square meals a day.”

The Angelo Codevilla quote above for the more pithy version.  Yes, I consider intellectuals equitable to spies.

One cannot create a solution to the world or any of the demons worshiped by it without The Church.  So what if you want to pretend to “save” Civilization but want to maintain all of the banalities of paganism?  you become a hypocrite because you cannot serve two masters.

that the “dissident right” is based on doing all it can to escape this due to worship of evil by fear of evil, shows that you are even worse than the straussian “right” who are just liberals from 5 years ago.  this is because “the dissident right” IS the modern left, just with slightly different fashion choices and a preoccupation with luther’s lies on race.

take all the water carrying and excuses the blog owner makes for liberalism, projecting everything The Church has made onto liberalism just so he can blaspheme on twitter.  I really do think this is just another side effect of lutheran beliefs, so again “metastasized lutherans.”

so there are liberals, which is devilry applied to politics, and a few masks and labels to make people think there are different groups.  this is the hegelian dialectic, which believes in manufactured conflict to achieve “control” because they assume people will be so busy with emotion fighting the other side that they won’t see what’s really going on.

So while there is “liberals of today” vs “liberals of yesterday” as a “dialectic,” there is another dialectic for people just smart enough to realize the first is a game but not smart enough to escape dialectics:

this is the “dissident” dialectic of marxist (dissident left) vs cultural marxist (dissident right)

the reason why there is now some sort of popularity with “neopagan rightism” is because the left has not allowed their adherents to be anything but marxists.  therefore the “reaction” to marxism has become popular, with people adopting it out of fear as if it was a pharmaceutical for marxism.

of course liberalism, marxism, and “dissident right” cultural marxism were all made by the same people.  since the hegelian dialectic was never meant to be a three-way mexican standoff, people are now realizing the dialectic.

the only people who aren’t noticing the dialectic are the marxists (who are incomprehensibly stupid and satanic) and the “dissident right” who are “115ers” comfortably trapped in the “slightly smarter dialectic.”

this is why the “dissident right” has dedicated itself to the same lies and attacks on The Church that the marxists and “classical” liberals do: you want to lull yourself back to sleep and merge with one of the two groups so the dialectic can go back to being 2 again.

it’s funny that the group of kids that grew up on 4chan memes of the matrix, found the “matrix” in real life, upon peeking their head up over it found that all outside “the matrix” is 100% Catholic, and now they want back into the “matrix” to preserve their favored sin and pagan lifestyle.

Therefore the “dissident right”s “solution” to the problem is “the matrix is bad, but we can make a new matrix so we don’t have to become Catholic!”

this would be funny if it wasn’t so dire and absurd.

this is on par with the people desperately saying we need to go back to ancient greek or ancient roman times, when every evil since 1300 has been a revival of ancient greece or ancient rome.  I guess this is the “right”-wing version of “the reason socialism is failing is because we don’t have enough of it!”

Maybe that’s the real dialectic: suicidal neopagans vs pretentious suicidal neopagans, with the singlular difference being the second is smug, european, and likes to wear tailored suits.

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